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Gartner Report: How to Successfully Implement Your ITSM Tool

Featuring research from Gartner

Procuring and implementing the right IT Service Management tool for your organisation requires a significant outlay in terms of time and money.

A poorly managed ITSM implementation can result in unexpected costs, delays and unsatisfactory return on investment. Adequate planning is therefore imperative to realize the full benefits of your newly acquired IT Service Management tool.

This research paper “highlights key best practices for I&O leaders to support a successful ITSM implementation. The research covers three areas: people, process and the implementation”.

Key Findings:
  • “Poorly managed IT service management (ITSM) implementation can lead IT staff to view the inevitable change in working practices as a threat, resulting in resistance 
 and a low rate of adoption across IT and the business.”
  • “Many organizations do not have a clear process implementation plan for ITSM tools and introduce too many new processes at the same time, leading to change fatigue.”
  • “Many I&O leaders underestimate the time and effort required to successfully implement an ITSM tool, especially advanced tools with complex configuration 
 requirements that can result in extended implementation and budget overruns.”
  • “Because many I&O leaders mistakenly believe that a new ITSM tool will automatically address inefficiencies in their processes and culture, they miss an opportunity to 
 optimize their environment for the new tool.”

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Gartner, How to Successfully Implement Your ITSM Tool, Mark Cleary, Rich Doheny, Mark Ray, 19 February 2019

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