Alemba - Services


With great software comes great opportunity

At Alemba we know that it takes more than great software to deliver a successful end-to-end ITSM project.

Alemba can assist with every aspect of your Service Management needs, from software implementations to training, upgrades, maintenance and support. Our highly-skilled, approachable product experts can help you transform your business by streamlining your IT services and maximizing productivity.

Alemba provides a range of Professional and Support Services around the Alemba Service Management product suite, including:

  • Enterprise ITSM software
  • 24 Hour Global Service Desk
  • vFire-NOW (bespoke application administration and maintenance contract)
  • ITIL Process Design and Business Process
  • Product and ITSM Consultancy
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Customised Reports
  • Highly experienced Product Consultants for implementation and software configuration support
  • Training Services
  • Product Development for bespoke functionality
  • Tailored Service Desk Support Contracts