Alemba - Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Limiting Risks, Reducing Costs

“Organizations can realize cost savings of between 5% and 35% by implementing focused software asset management practices.”

Christopher Germann, Gartner Group

Are you getting optimum return from your Software investments?

Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) can help you significantly reduce IT costs and limit risks related to non-compliance with software licensing agreements.

However, many companies have failed to adequately implement SAM, citing internal process challenges and data consolidation as some of the major roadblocks to success and significant ROI. Analysts such as Gartner believe that the value is there, we just need to look at smarter ways of unlocking it.

Alemba’s SAM as a Service offering will help you overcome these underlying process challenges through simplification and automation, ensuring rapid returns on your Software investments.


  • Identify and maximize cost-cutting opportunities
  • Streamline software request processes
  • Consolidate software assets
  • Optimize existing software investments
  • Limit risks associated with non-compliance with licensing agreements
  • Identify used and unused software licenses
  • Manage software inventory, from acquisition to retirement
  • Right-Size Enterprise Software license agreements

Automation for the People

The Alemba Approach

The Process Automation Model

The Alemba model means organisations can now trust the outcome of their SAM processes...

Alemba’s goal is to significantly reduce the internal effort required to deliver SAM effectively. The foundation of the service is automation of the underlying Software Asset Management processes, leveraging Alemba’s highly configurable and industry trusted process workflow engine.

Maintaining an Authorized View

Alemba’s approach is focused on an Authorized View of your Software Assets, ensuring The Alemba model means organisations can now trust the outcome of their SAM processes you always know exactly what has been approved for deployment.

The Alemba model means organisations can now trust the outcome of their SAM processes and leverage discovery technologies to audit usage of approved and non-approved software. This makes it very easy for your business to identify cost-cutting opportunities, as well as potential risks relating to licensing.

SAM as a Service diagram

Play it again, SAM

All day, every day. An approach that works effortlessly

Alemba Portal

Software requests are made via the Alemba portal, by users themselves or on behalf of others. The service portal access point is designed to be easy to use and can integrate with existing portals.

Business Approvals

The Alemba service is underpinned by a highly configurable rules engine that meets the most complex approval processes at the click of a button. Contextual Approvals are delivered to stakeholders so decisions can be made instantly.

Service Reporting

Reports are the key output of the service and clearly show where processes are not being followed and reconciliation is needed to minimise risk. Usage patterns can be audited to maximize cost-saving opportunities.

Service Oversight

A service to ensure that the right stakeholders are personally and regularly made aware of key information, such as under-subscription of licenses, key trends or other agreed Key Performance Indicators.