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Enterprise ITSM Software that'll set your world alight

Backed by a quarter of a century of heritage, Alemba’s vFire Enterprise Service Management solution combines a user-focused design philosophy with robust functionality.

vFire is trusted by a large number of Enterprise-scale organizations for its out-of-the-box deeply rich workflows, award-winning Pro-active Problem Management and future-proofed flexibility.


vFire 9.11 is here.



No installs

It's right there in the browser

As a browser-based application, vFire can be accessed from dedicated web-based front-end interfaces. This means that our users do not need to install any special client software. All you need is the URL to access your vFire application. Simple!

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Workflow Engine Automation DevOps Industry Awards Finalist 2018


Automate everything!

Easy does it

vFire has a number of killer components: a completely license-free self-service interface, a powerful workflow engine, an insanely good dynamic forms designer, an integration platform that hooks into everything (including our own workflows) and an intuitive and versatile UX for analysts to manage their tasks. Put them all together and you get the ability to implement 100% start-to-finish automation straight out of the box.

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Problem Management

Solve problems before they occur

Minority Report-style

Why spend time and resources solving Incidents as they occur when you can zap Problems at the root? With vFire, you can automatically generate problems and link these to entities that caused the problem, set up rules to automatically log calls, simulate outages to show possible impact to business, and much more. The result? Fewer calls logged, fewer outages and a more cost-effective, productive Service Desk.

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“I know a few people who would rip their arm off for this kind of functionality within a tool.”

Rebecca Beach, The ITSM Review

Best in Class
Enterprise SM business functions


Go way beyond IT

At everyone's service

vFire fully supports Enterprise Service Management, allowing processes to be expanded into other business functions. Your entire organization can reap the benefits of vFire's robust capabilities.

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Software Asset Management

Goodbye Shadow IT, Hello SAM

Get control fast

A lack of visibility and control over your software usage and expenditure can pose some serious risks to your organization. We’re talking duplicates, security threats, non-compliance with software licensing agreements and, quite simply, a lot of money down the drain. vFire’s highly configurable, industry-leading process workflow engine allows you to automate underlying SAM processes, such as inventory control, order initiations for stock thresholds and notifications of contract expiry.

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vFire App


It's your call

Managing calls doesn't get much simpler

The vFire app allows you to access vFire any time, anywhere, using your favourite Android, iOS or Windows Phone device.

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Your data, wherever you are

Fast, secure, scalable

Powered by VMware virtualization technologies, the Alemba Cloud is a fast, secure and scalable hosted Service offering designed to provide you ease of use and peace of mind.

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Alemba Cloud