Alemba - What's new in vFire 9.9?

What's new in vFire 9.9?

Nano is a go.

Nano screenshot

Nano is GA Ready.

Nano has passed its beta phase of development, and is now GA status. See Introducing Nano to learn more about Nano, and Nano Feature List to find out about functionality that is available in this release.

Arrive. Do. Leave.

The no-plugin interface that's designed for the rest of us. Nano focuses on the User Experience and getting the job done easily. Everything from its looks to ergonomics has been designed to deliver a slick, effortless experience empowering analysts who are first-time and occasional users.

No plug-ins of any kind are required and it can be run on any browser.

Nano provides a simplified interface and functions for occasional users who:

  • Work with calls - creating, updating and closing calls
  • Work with requests - creating, updating, and completing requests
  • Work with tasks and approvals - updating and completing tasks and approvals
  • Send emails from calls, requests, or tasks
  • Manage their workload using the Outstanding windows
  • Review and edit Knowledge Articles, CMDB Items, and Person records

The key new features in this release include:

Alemba API is GA ready. The RestFUL Alemba API has passed its beta phase of development, and is now GA status. The Alemba API is documented via a wiki within the product. See Alemba API to find out more about this API and how you can use it.
vRO Connector
vRO7.0 is now supported. See Connector for vRO for more details on how to install and use this connector.
Call Scheduling
Call Scheduling has been introduced, allowing analysts with the correct permissions to schedule calls, in much the same way as requests can be scheduled. See Scheduling Calls to find out more.
Service Actions
Service Actions can be configured to launch URLs or download objects from the Service Catalog in vFire Self Service. You can set up your Service Hub in a day by combining this with the Integration module to quickly create URL Service Actions for all your external digital forms and other web accessible services and resources. See Defining the Outcome of Selecting a Service Action for more details.
Event Connector
The Alemba Email Event Connector can be implemented to generate calls or requests in vFire from 3rd party event tools that send event notifications by email. Fields in the generated calls and requests are populated with data from the emails. A configuration XML file defines field mappings between the template and the contents of event emails. See Connector for Event Emails for more details.