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vFire App

One app to rule them all...

vFire App - Login Screen

Did you know that the vFire app now includes all of the functionality previously only available in the vFire Officer app?

This means that both analysts and users can now make use of a single app on iOS, Windows and Android mobile phones.

Logging in

In line with your role permissions, you will be taken to either the Analyst or User home screen when logging in.

If you are stored as an Analyst and User, you will be prompted to decide which functionality you want to access; user or analyst, and then taken to the relevant home page.

What can I do with the vFire app?

As an analyst, you can:

  • view calls assigned or forwarded to you
  • forward the call
  • update the call notes
  • review history
  • change the status
  • close a call

As a user, you can:

  • log calls
  • view orders and assets
  • manage approvals
vFire App - log call screen

Where can I get it?

The vFire app can be downloaded from the following app stores:

iTunes Google Play Windows Store

Please note: The app is supported on Android, Windows and iOS phones for users from 9.9.1; and analysts from 9.10.1.