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SDI Automation ITSM Tools Demo Day

Virtual Event: SDI Automation ITSM Tools Demo Day - April 2021

The Service Desk Institute’s IT Service Management Tools Demo Days are free virtual events that are designed to help you make informed buying decisions and understand the various ITSM solutions available.

The Automation ITSM Tools Demo Day focuses on process integration and the benefits of automation for your IT service operation.

In this product demonstration, Alemba showcases the powerful automation capabilities of Alemba Service Manager.

Find out how our codeless workflow driven ITSM tool can help accelerate your ability to deliver positive service improvements by automating mundane repeatable business processes.

SITS Tools Demo Day – March 2021

Virtual Event: SITS Tools Demo Day – March 2021

The SITS Virtual Tools Demo events showcase live product demonstrations from some of the leading ITSM tool providers.

Watch Alemba’s demo on demand to see how you can improve service delivery through codeless workflow driven ITSM.

Virtual Event: SDI ITSM Tools Demo Day - October 2020

Virtual Event: SDI ITSM Tools Demo Day - October 2020

The October 2020 SDI ITSM Tools Demo Day focused on the essential data and analytics features of ITSM tools.

Alemba presented Alemba Service Manager (ASM) to showcase how customers can leverage self-sufficient automated features to aid in the deflection of needless traffic to the Service Desk. We show how both analysts on the front line and Service Desk Managers can utilise pro-active features to provide immediate visibility of data trends and service impacts and causes.

Key topics of the demonstration include:

  • Customer Focused Automation
  • AI Matching Panel
  • AI Ops Pro-Active Analyser
  • Operational Management Dashboards
SITS Virtual Summit – December 2020

SITS Virtual Summit – December 2020

Remote delivery first: Notes from the front line

In this webinar, Alemba’s Tom Kingsley explores the increasingly urgent need to manage the implementation of ITSM projects successfully through remote-working technologies.

Drawing on experiences and lessons learned from shifting to a ‘remote first’ approach to delivering IT Service Management projects, Tom shares tips and tricks to ensure a successful remote collaboration, including:

  • Managing remote technologies
  • Ensuring engagement and focus
  • Keeping clear channels of communication
  • Adapting and maintaining professionalism in a liminal space where private and professional spheres can intersect