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With the rise in popularity of on-demand, accessible service delivery and the resulting change in customer expectations, businesses are pressed to rethink the ways they provide and consume services internally.

IT Departments have long relied on Service Management principles such as ITIL to deliver better services and user experiences to their customers. Beyond IT, many business divisions have come to realise the benefits of adopting established IT Service Management (ITSM) best practice to drive value across the entire enterprise.

By adopting an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) approach, as opposed to a more parochial IT Service Management focus, organisations can extend service management theories and principles into other core business functions.

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What is Enterprise Service Management?

Enterprise Service Management is the application of ITSM principles to different service departments within an organisation with the goal of improving process efficiency and service delivery and promoting cross-departmental collaboration. Typically, service delivery departments such as HR, Facilities, Procurement and Finance are best positioned to benefit from the adoption of a holistic ESM approach.

The Benefits of Enterprise Service Management

There are a great many advantages to implementing an Enterprise Service Management approach across the business.

Extending Service Management principles beyond the IT domain can:

  • Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Reduce point solutions and improve ROI on ITSM tools
  • Drive self-service efficiency
  • Improve cross-departmental collaboration
  • Optimise workload management
  • Allow for a better understanding of what services are needed and provided
  • Improve accountability across business function boundaries
  • Allow for better governance and control
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase process efficiency within service domains
  • Enhance reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Improve integration capabilities
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Extending Alemba Service Manager to the business

Our Alemba Service Manager Enterprise Service Management solution allows you to extend best practice Service Management processes to service delivery departments across your organisation, including HR, Finance and Facilities Management.

How does it work?

Alemba Service Manager offers a feature called Partitioning that allows our customers to incorporate various business functions into their Alemba Service Manager Service Management system.

Alemba Service Manager is a multi-tenanted, single application, which means that your various departments can use the same tool to separate workflows, configuration settings and data security requirements, while still being able to collaborate between business units when needed.

With Alemba Service Manager’s Partitioning function, you can expand your Service Management processes into areas such as Facilities and HR Support as your organisation grows.

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Delivering an integrated customer experience portal

With Alemba Service Manager, you can build an attractive service gateway for your business quickly and easily. Alemba Service Manager Self-service Portal acts as a single point of entry to manage your business departments’ service requests with minimum disruption.

There’s no need to spend hours building forms – you can link to forms held anywhere in your organisation, such as SharePoint or the company intranet. You can monitor and report on your most requested services, allowing you to streamline your services by focusing on your top requests.

You can:

  • Consolidate your services in a single customer experience portal
  • Automate service delivery
  • Ensure a positive customer experience
  • Gain an understanding of your most popular processes
  • Digitise your top services
  • Repeat to support continual improvement

Alemba Service Manager Offers:

  • An attractive, easy-to-use service catalogue
  • Partitioning for different departments, such as HR, Facilities & IT
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Branding to suit your business’ look and feel

HR Service Management

HR practitioners often rely on numerous systems and tools to manage requests, queries and incidents. Using Alemba’s HR Service Management tool to manage day to day requests, queries and incidents, will aid effective HR Service Management, ensuring speedy delivery as well as improved accountability and transparency.

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Alemba’s HR Portal capabilities include:

  • Auto-routing of service requests to specialists, based on HR skill sets.
  • Automated workflow capabilities to remove laborious manual processes.
  • Quick solution templates allowing repeatable and high volume requests to be logged and closed rapidly.
  • A mobile interface, to allow officers to update and check work assigned to them whilst in the field.
  • An integrated knowledge base, populated with HR information.
  • Reports and dashboards to allow HR managers to understand workload, volume and utilisation.
  • A single view into HR operations means managers can track and report on KPI’s, rapidly identify repeat issues and common trends.

Facilities Service Management

Alemba’s Facilities Management capabilities allow facilities managers to better manage resource utilisation, cost control and evaluate the performance of facilities services.

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Alemba’s capabilities include:

  • An online service catalog for managing:
    • maintenance requests
    • security and access requests
    • general facilities enquiries
  • An integrated knowledge base, populated with facilities information such as building plans, green policies, safety services, access service policies, etc.
  • Auto-routing of service requests to specialists based on facilities requests.
  • Quick solution templates allowing any repeatable and high volume facilities requests to be logged and closed rapidly by the support team.
  • A mobile interface, which allows facilities officers to update and check work assigned to them whilst in the field.
  • Personal reports and dashboards for visualisation – this allows facilities managers to understand the workload, volume of requests and resource utilisation.
  • A single platform for consolidation – a single view into facilities operations means managers can track and report on KPI’s, rapidly identify repeat issues and common trends.

"Alemba Service Manager helped us to partition our services across IT, HR and Finance. Some of the data we hold in HR around our staff and customers is sensitive, so we needed to be able to put some security on the information held in that partition. Alemba Service Manager could certainly help us do that!"

Lillee Craig, Business Analyst, London Borough of Haringey

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