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Microsoft Teams Integration

Alemba Service Manager's integration with Microsoft Teams enhances customer support operations by offering a seamless communication channel between customers and support agents. This integration allows users of the customer portal to directly chat with agents through Microsoft Teams. This feature streamlines communication and provides a more responsive support experience.

Key features of this integration include:

  1. Direct Chat Communication: Customers using the Alemba Service Manager (ASM) portal can initiate chats with support agents directly via Microsoft Teams. This real-time communication facility helps in faster resolution of queries and issues.
  2. Call Queue Management: The ASM system enables agents to have their calls organised and prioritised. This feature ensures that urgent or critical requests are addressed promptly, enhancing the overall efficiency of the support process.
  3. Support for War Rooms: The integration facilitates the creation of 'War Rooms' in Teams. These are dedicated channels where agents can collaborate to resolve complex or high-priority issues. This collaborative environment allows for pooling of expertise and faster problem-solving.
  4. Call Audit Trail Integration: All interactions between customers and agents through Microsoft Teams are automatically logged into the ASM call audit trail. This ensures that there is a comprehensive record of all communications, which is essential for quality assurance, compliance, and review purposes.

This integration effectively brings together the robustness of Alemba Service Manager’s ticketing and workflow management with the collaborative and communicative strengths of Microsoft Teams. It enhances the support experience for both customers and agents, leading to improved resolution times and greater customer satisfaction, while maintaining governance and process compliance.

End user logging a Teams chat

Alemba Service Manager customer portal creates and records MS Teams chats between analysts and end users.


Alemba’s powerful integration platform makes it easy to use your Alemba Service Manager system to interact with third-party applications and technologies.



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