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Digital Transformation

Organizations rely on forms for a variety of business interactions. In many cases, businesses are still faced with the burden of having to complete paper forms, resulting in high costs, increased risk of errors and frustration.

Replacing paper and manual processes through digitization can:

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Dramatically reduce costs.

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Improve turnaround times.

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Enhance customer satisfaction.

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Allow for data gathering to understand process performance, risks and costs.

Digitize your paper forms with Alemba Service Manager

Alemba’s expert consultants have great experience in helping customers along the journey from paper-based process to delivering optimized digital processes.

Alemba Service Manager enables you to digitize your organization’s paper-based forms. Online forms can be published on the Self Service portal as part of the service catalog. Once the form is completed and submitted, the workflow engine automatically assigns the relevant tasks and approvals to the correct stakeholders, at the appropriate points in the process.


A form is selected from a catalogue

Workflow engine

A submitted form initiates a pre defined workflow

Approvals and tasks

Tasks and approvals are auto-assigned to the right people and automated tasks are triggered

Reports and metrics

Reports and Dashboards on all activities are avaiable

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A single shop front for users to submit, approve and track forms.

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Request and approval forms designed with codeless configuration.

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A proven workflow engine to automate assigning and actioning of different tasks; developed using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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A single source of truth to manage the outputs of the online forms and enable an audit trail and reports.



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GigaOm Highlights Alemba as Outperformer

08 Nov 2023

Alemba is pleased to announce that Alemba Service Manager has been highlighted as ‘outperformer’ in the highly regarded GigaOm Radar Report for IT Service Management (ITSM) for 2023.

What is an ITSM Tool?

03 Jul 2023

IT Service Management (ITSM) tools are vital in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to drive operations, deliver services, and maintain a competitive edge. A well-configured ITSM tool plays a critical role in ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of IT services to meet business needs and align with organisational goals.