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Alemba Cloud Services

Powered by Azure

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Powered by Azure the Alemba Cloud is a fast, secure and scalable-hosted Service offering designed to provide you ease of use and peace of mind.

Combined with our unique ITIL compliant pre-populated database, the Alemba Cloud will get you up and running fast.

Service Offerings:

The Alemba Cloud Service provides 4 base offerings which can be fully customized to meet your needs. Combine our hosted service with our unique ITIL compliant pre-populated database to get up and running with your new system fast!

Alemba Cloud Option 1
Alemba Cloud Option 2
Alemba Cloud Option 3
Alemba Cloud Option 4

All Alemba Cloud Systems are managed and maintained by the Alemba IT Service Team, including:

  • operating and database system performance
  • maintenance
  • patching

Once configured, your Alemba Cloud Hosted system is available to you on your unique URL.

Alemba Cloud diagram

Our Data Centers:

The Alemba Cloud Service provides multiple Data Center Locations around the globe.

AWS Data Centers

Please note that while all new customers are being onboarded to Azure, some existing customers continue to run on AWS. Existing customers utilising AWS will be migrated to the Azure platform over an agreed time frame. Please consult your Account Manager should you require further information about this process.

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