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Bringing industry-leading enterprise ITSM to America for 25 years

Alemba is a registered US company and support many customers across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Our US customers represent a wide variety of industries, including Defence, the Financial sector, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities and Education. Individual uses for our systems are diverse and range from IT and business support services, to building maintenance & support, to customer services and enquiries.

With offices in Minnesota and Nevada, you can be assured of local support for your Alemba Service Manager system.

What one US-based customer has to say about Alemba:

“One of the most important Service Management issues our business is facing at the moment is Change Management. Alemba’s toolset is allowing us to balance the need for documentation and approval with the growing demand for automation and be successful in our business.”

Trusted Heritage

Alemba’s Enterprise Service Management technology has a rich history in the United States.

As the successor to VMware Service Manager (formerly infraEnterprise), Alemba Service Manager’s pedigree spans almost a quarter of a century, and our technology has grown and developed over that time.

From Infra to Alemba

Do more for less

Enterprise functionality at affordable prices

At Alemba, we are committed to bringing the cost of ownership of ITSM down, without compromising on functionality.

We know that many organizations do not need to purchase an expensive solution. In fact, just because an Enterprise or ITSM Solution costs a lot of money doesn't mean it's the best solution for your business needs.

Some organizations want a solution that just looks after its IT needs like IT Asset Management or an Issue Tracking solution, others require the full ITSM Suite. We make sure we know what you want and, more importantly, we also make sure you know what you want!

Find out why Alemba Service Manager is a low total cost of ownership investment
Alemba Service Manager
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Alemba is a company registered in the US. Registration number 5263467