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With increasing scrutiny on data protection and ever-present security threats, Alemba Service Manager is designed to keep your data as secure as possible.


Organisations are increasingly faced with the challenge of procuring solutions with a secure architecture that allows them control over where data is stored, ideally in a non-tenanted, separated environment.

In addition, GDPR protocols necessitate the easy ability to anonymise customer data. Separation of UK and EU databases in line with Brexit requirements is also a common need.

Ideal Solution

A highly secure platform that holds data for one customer completely separately from another. The ideal solution should have separate tenancies, separate databases and store the data in a local data centre.

Desired Outcomes

With data locked into in their own tenancy, remaining in a local data centre, customers will be able to be confident that their data is secure and cannot leak into the visibility of other customers on a shared platforms.

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Alemba Service Manager offers a highly secure, intuitive, ITIL-aligned IT Service Management solution to help your business streamline and automate its service management processes and dramatically enhance service delivery.

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Individual Tenancies

Every ASM customer has their own tenancy. This will be created in a data centre region of their choice, allowing them to conform to strict data governance.

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Individual Databases

Every ASM customer also has their own database so data from one customer is never shared with data from another. This also allows customers to attach reporting tools to their own database for customised reporting.

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Completely Secure

100% peace of mind that ASM offers compliance with information security protocols such as GDPR and fedRAMP.

ITSM Meets Azure

Built on Microsoft technologies from the ground up, Alemba Service Manager can easily leverage the power that Azure has to offer. From managing infrastructure compliance to ensuring appropriate data locations, Alemba Service Manager and Azure work hand-in-hand to make this easy.​

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Azure Policy Templates

Leverage Azure policy templates to create a comprehensive dashboard monitoring infrastructure compliance, e.g. fedRAMP.

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Freedom to Choose Azure Geography

ASM users have the ability to select the appropriate location of infrastructure to meet specific data residency and compliance requirement.

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Microsoft Defender For Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is provided as standard to allow ASM users to optimize and improve security and manage risks.

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