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Alemba Rapid Start

Agile – a fresh approach to service delivery

Alemba’s delivery methodology is based on Agile software development practices, and takes an iterative approach to solution configuration by using regular feedback intervals. As a result, customer needs and expectations are repeatedly fed back into the solution cycle and the risk of failing to meet business requirements is mitigated.

This approach is made possible by maximizing the flexibility of Alemba’s highly configurable software, which does not require custom development (i.e. code development, file configuration or scripting) to meet custom business requirements.

Each project, be it a new implementation or the implementation of a new process, is required to follow the same core steps. An appropriate level of project governance is performed to deliver a high quality, understood and successful project outcome, and is outcomes are achieved based on current priorities and criticality to your business.

Under this approach, the next process can begin as soon as there are resources available, without the need to wait until the previous process has completed. This speeds up project results as resources are continually engaged, and prevents blockages or complicated sign-offs.

A best-practice Solution Model – Alemba Rapid Start

The Alemba Service Manager solution ships with a pre-configured database called Alemba Rapid Start. This approach eliminates the “blank page” issues traditionally witnessed with Service Management software.

With Alemba Rapid Start, Alemba has created a set of pre-built Service Management processes, and matched system settings, that provide a ‘ready-to-go’ system that is fine-tuned to match your needs. This reduces ‘time-to-value’, delivery risk and cost.

Alemba offers 3 solution delivery options:

Rapid Start

  • A turnkey solution, including pre-built best practice processes and settings
  • Fastest time-to-value results


  • A turnkey solution, including pre-built best practice processes and settings
  • Overlay the best practice process with customer-specific requirements for a custom solution
  • Slower time-to-value results


  • Requires process consulting and mapping view to design and implement a process. This approach is aimed at processes, for example, a new supermarket product line request, which require specific business requirements input to define a solution.
  • Slowest time-to-value results
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