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Case Management

Effective case management is a critical function for many organizations across a wide range of industries. Case management professionals are often faced with the challenge of negotiating complex processes, managing highly sensitive data and providing rapid resolutions – all while ensuring stakeholders have the necessary visibility and reports.

Alemba Service Manager is designed to support complex case management processes. It is used by organizations worldwide to manage casework, such as fraud investigations, legal cases, incident resolution, service requests and HR processes.

Alemba Service Manager can help your organization manage caseloads quickly and efficiently by providing:

Graphical Workflow Engine
  • High levels of security through role-based access controls
  • The ability to limit access to designated users, to ensure privacy and to provide for “Chinese wall” scenarios
  • Flexible document management capability to support a wide range of documents (PDF, CSV, Doc, etc.)
  • Effortless documentation creation
  • The ability to monitor case timescales
  • The ability to maintain an audit trail of all user activities
  • An overview of case history/stages
  • Ability to record potential and actual costs against a case
  • Comprehensive case management reporting and report generation capability for all data
  • Advanced searching capabilities
  • Effective allocation of new casework received
  • Built-in security and compliance through dynamic human approvals and business rules


Reduce non-compliance with procedures and policy


Streamline processes

Document processing

Speedier processing of documents


Significant time savings.


Reduce administrative burden for staff

Business effiency

Improved organizational efficiency



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ASM Honorable Mention in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ITSM

14 Oct 2020

We are pleased to announce that Alemba has received an honourable mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools (ITSM) 2020.

Alemba to end support for IE

19 Aug 2020

With the release of Alemba Service Manager in 2018, we expanded the capability of the tool to break the constraints of plug-ins and the reliance on Internet Explorer. The available interfaces of Core, Nano and Portal were available to use in modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. New features, enhanced security measures and improved performance techniques necessitated the removal of Internet Explorer support for Core and Nano as they were incompatible.