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Always at your service

The Alemba Service Delivery Department consists of a global team of Application Specialists dealing with system issues, “how-to” questions and managing maintenance fix deliveries.

With offices in Sydney (Australia), Send (UK) and California (USA), Alemba offers a truly “follow-the-sun” Service Desk covering the globe with 24 hours of support.

Logging calls with Alemba

There are three ways to log calls with Alemba:

By Phone

This is especially recommended for Critical calls

By email

The service will automatically log a call even if you have not registered your details with Alemba.

By Portal

Use our Self Service Portal to log an incident.

When logging a call, please provide as much information as possible. We recommend:

  • Specific details on which part of the system the problem occurred
  • Steps to recreate the issue
  • Screenshots of any errors received in the system or the server event log.

Opportunities to have your say

There are many ways you can provide feedback on any issues:

On the Alemba Self Service Portal via:

  • Alemba Forum
  • Alemba Feature Suggestions

Or via Customer Feedback on:

  • The Alemba Portal in the Service Catalogue
  • Customer Surveys from Call Closures



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Emerging Trends in ITSM Webinar: Highlights

04 Mar 2024

Alemba’s recent webinar on Emerging Trends in ITSM provided valuable insights into key industry developments.

GigaOm Highlights Alemba as Outperformer

08 Nov 2023

Alemba is pleased to announce that Alemba Service Manager has been highlighted as ‘outperformer’ in the highly regarded GigaOm Radar Report for IT Service Management (ITSM) for 2023.