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Alemba Service Manager Integration Library

Alemba Service Manager has a number of pre-built add-ons that allow it to communicate with other third-party applications and increase the out-of-the-box functionality.

Connectors allow Alemba Service Manager to talk to and interrogate other third-party tools. There are essentially four types of connectors:

Discovery Connectors

These allow Alemba Service Manager to synchronize with third-party discovery tools. Equipment in your IT infrastructure will be recorded as Configuration Items within the Alemba CMDB or user data will be pulled from directory services. Live links are kept to the original resources so that you can jump straight back from the record in Alemba Service Manager to the record inside the third-party software. The truly federated nature of the integration platform means that if you have several different discovery tools bringing back different information about the same piece of equipment, Alemba Service Manager will collate all of this into a single record giving you a single pane of glass on your IT estate.

Amazon Web Services

Atlassian JIRA

EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager (SAM)

Generic – CSV Import

(including links)

Generic – Database Resources and SQL Tables

Ivanti Asset Manager

(formerly Centennial Discovery)

Ivanti Unified End Point Manager

(formerly LANDesk)

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft SCCM

Novell eDirectory

Snow Licence Manager


Event Connectors

These connectors talk to monitoring software on your network. They automatically detect when new alerts and alarms come in and, using the AI Ops module, you can set up sophisticated rules (all graphical, no code) as to what happens next. Automatically kick off workflows or raise major incidents based on the nature of incoming alerts, these connectors ensure that your ITSM system is always in step with your monitoring tools.

Generic – Email Event

(with rules processing, no code)

Microsoft SCOM


Outbound Actions

This is where the real magic happens within the Alemba Service Manager workflows. A dedicated task type – the Outbound Action – will present you with functions of third-party tools inside the Alemba Service Manager UI. Choose an action from a drop-down list then choose (graphically, no code) which fields on the workflow forms you want to pass to the function as parameters and off you go. Now you are getting low-level integration as part of your workflow, side-by-side with human approvals and tasks. You can even dynamically branch your workflow based on the results that come back from the third-party after an outbound action has been processed. Incredible power with no coding required.

Amazon Web Services

Generic – External process

(e.g. PowerShell script or other executable)

Generic – Stored Procedure

Service Desk to Service Desk Connectors

For many of our larger customers there is a need to pass incidents and tasks between systems and to make this happen slickly with no re-keying of information required we have service desk to service desk connectors. Map the key fields in one service desk (e.g. P1, P2, P3 priorities) to the values in another system (e.g. Urgent, High, Medium priorities) then sync them up and watch as items logged in one system automatically appear in the second system. All updates that meet the criteria will also be synchronized between both systems.

Alemba Service Manager



Plug-ins allow third-party software to take data from, and manipulate data inside, Alemba Service Manager usually via the Alemba Service Manager RESTful API.

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