Alemba - Meet the Team

Meet the Team

To build a great company, you need great people. The Alemba team is made up of a diverse group of people from all across the world, but they have one thing in common – a passion for delivering user-focused IT Service Management solutions that will help customers reach their business goals with minimum effort and expense.

Meet some of the people who work to help make Alemba great.

Simon Nugent headshot

Simon Nugent


Laurence Scott-Mackay headshot

Laurence Scott-Mackay

Strategic Accounts Director

John Murnane headshot

John Murnane

Chief Sales & Operating Officer

Sally Robinson headshot

Sally Robinson

VP Customer Service

Kenny Little headshot

Kenny Little

Regional Director, Asia Pacific

Alex Madgwick headshot

Alex Madgwick

IT Services Manager

Lisa Smith headshot

Lisa Smith

Group Finance Manager

Caroline Taylor headshot

Caroline Taylor

HR Manager

Clark Stalham headshot

Clark Stalham

VP of Projects

Kris Trigg headshot

Kris Trigg

Head of Development

Nicola Richards headshot

Nicola Richards

QA Manager