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System and Human Orchestration

Everyone is aware of the benefits that automating business processes can bring. However, typically an organization will have software and solutions around task management for instructing their teams what jobs they should do next. Completely separately there are likely to be data architects designing interfaces and data bases between one piece of software and the next.

Alemba Service Manager brings both of these disciplines together in a single workflow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Send a job to a human.
  2. When it has been completed, automatically and seamlessly pass the next job to a system.
  3. Once the third-party software has done its processing it can send a result back into the same workflow and again instruct the next person.

This unrivalled power allows you to make your business processes 100% automated. Put the Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO) modelling straight to use.

Start your journey of Digital Transformation here. Humans and systems together in a single workflow.

Human Orchestration

Manage tasks and approvals

With Alemba Service Manager you can:

  • Set up business rules to ensure tasks are routed to the right people.
  • Set up dynamic approvals.
  • Use rules to skip tasks, automatically progress the workflow, or wait for a specific number of tasks to be complete before progressing.
  • Assigning weightings to approvals, depending on the stakeholder’s role.
  • Action approvals via the Alemba Service Manager Core interface, self-service portal or via email.

System Orchestration

Integration platform, outbound and inbound actions

Use workflow tasks to control the workflow internally within Alemba Service Manager or to automate external procedures outside of the tool.

The advanced Alemba Service Manager integration platform allows easy out-of-the-box connection to a wide variety of platforms.



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Alemba Joins Volaris Group

08 Jun 2022

Latest acquisition builds on growing portfolio of IT service management companies

Announcing EOS

08 Apr 2022

We’re pleased to announce the release of Alemba Service Manager EOS v10.5 as GA (General Availability).