Alemba US Frequently Asked Questions

My organization is based in the USA. Can I still do business with Alemba?

Absolutely. Alemba is a global company with registered offices in Minnesota and California. We look after organizations across four continents from the US and Caribbean to Australia, South Africa and the UK and Europe.

Does Alemba offer local support for US customers?

Alemba’s Service Desk is situated in Irvine, California, ensuring that our US customers have access to local support for their Alemba Service Manager system.

Alemba’s service centres have an extremely high staff retention rates, which means that our support staff have many years of experience and are fully trained on the product.

You can contact the US Service Desk at: +1 (855)261-1797

Will my data be hosted in the USA?

Yes, Alemba has data centres in Nevada, Texas and California.

I represent a US Federal Government organization. Is Alemba SAM registered?

Yes. Alemba is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).

Alemba is a company registered in the US. Registration number 5263467