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Project S.A.M: Development

Making a game takes a lot of work.

From art to coding; from marketing to events: follow Mediashake as they describe the development progress during their time working with Alemba.

26th July 2019


Meet Alessio and Maciej of Mediashake and hear about Tranzfuser, their team, working with Alemba and their development process so far.

5th August 2019


Turns out pixel art is much harder than it looks. Find out how Maciej wrangles the pixels and Alessio makes the magic happen.

13th August 2019


You'd be surprised how much thought has to go into combat.

Find out more about the Tranzfuser programme here.

Follow Team Mediashake: @MediaShakeLtd



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23 Mar 2020

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20 Mar 2020

In these difficult times, Alemba will be ensuring its ability to support our customers, giving priority to those in Healthcare and Local Government and the organisations that support them.