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Workflow in Alemba Service Manager

Repetitive manual tasks?
You’ve got better things to do…

Save time (and your sanity!) with the power of 100% start-to-finish automation.

Alemba Service Manager allows you to automate all of your business processes without the slog of manual coding.

  • Use our clever drag-and-drop workflow engine to build out any workflow you can imagine - from simple to Death Star-blueprints-complex.
  • Create unique screens for your workflow requests using the graphical forms designer.
  • For end users, Alemba Service Manager’s user-friendly self-service portal makes it easy to initiate processes, submit forms and action tasks.
Don’t just take our word for it…
Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council sees 30% reduction in Service Desk calls through automation

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Whatever you want your ITSM tool to do, Alemba Service Manager has a solution to help you optimize your service management processes.