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Innovations from Alemba Jersey Adopted for Worldwide Release

Alemba • 10 May 2019

ST HELIER, JERSEY – ITSM Software developer Alemba has announced the latest innovation to come from its Jersey-based Innovation Centre.

The Alemba Innovation Centre led the UI overhaul of Alemba Service Manager v10, the company’s flagship IT Service Management application.

Launched in April 2019, Alemba Service Manager v10 has been a major success and leapfrogs Alemba over the competition with a completely modern, stylish and ergonomic interface.

The Alemba Innovation Centre, based out of Digital Jersey’s Hub in St Helier, is home to a team of software and design specialists. The Centre was started in 2016 as a way of allowing a team within Alemba to focus on innovation. Led by Tony Moretta, the Digital Jersey Team has worked closely with Alemba since the idea of the Alemba Innovation Centre was first conceived.