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Asset Management

The purpose of Asset Management is to help identify, control, record, audit, verify and report assets across their lifecycle, from the point of acquisition through to their disposal. It maintains accurate information on the historical, current and planned state of assets and protects integrity by ensuring only authorised assets are used.

Effective Asset Management is critical to supporting processes. It supports many of the ITIL processes by providing accurate information to help the decision-making process, e.g. planning change, approving release, resolving Incidents and Problems.

Business benefits:

  • Cost control by highlighting the possibility of bulk purchases, implementing asset transfer and better adherence to compliance obligations
  • Informed decision making, increasing the efficiency of vendor management, strategic planning and business continuity

Alemba Service Manager provides:

  • holistic views of the asset inventory through federated, consolidated CMDB.
  • linking of assets to cost centers, contracts and owners.
  • self-service Request logging.
  • automated inventory control through workflow.
  • automated order initiation for stock thresholds.
  • automated notification of contract expiry.
  • integration with monitoring suites.
  • reports on asset efficiency and cost.
Asset Management

Asset Management - Keep track of license consumption within your organization.

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