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ITSM for Managed Service Providers

Alemba Service Manager provides a unique combination of cost-effectiveness and functionality to support the deployment of IT Service Management in external customer support environments.

Alemba Service Manager has a number of unique features that simplify the management of multiple customers with divergent support requirements.

Northgate Public Services
Computer Concepts Ltd.
HSC Business Services Organisation
NHS Business Services Authority


Supports multi-tenanted configurations, allowing each customer to have individual field values just for them.

Data Separation

Secure and non-secure virtual systems can be configured to support sensitive data. For example, if you support a police force you can separate your support team so only CRB checked members have system access.

Unlimited Customer Portal Licence

No additional licensing cost as your business grows.

Multiple Customer Portal Support

Allows you to brand your service for each customer.

Zero Code Workflow Engine

Alemba’s powerful workflow engine is the fastest way to automate the delivery of services to your customers.

Contract Management

Automated contract renewal process activation and alerting.


Alemba Service Manager is PinkVERIFIED for 18 IT Service Management processes, allowing a flexible deployment of ITSM process to support the increasing complexity of customer demands. Find out more here.

Powerful Dashboards and Reports

License-free reporting allows you to share management information with all your customers in real time or for a specific snapshot in time.

Save Money

Cost-effective analyst licensing model, supporting concurrent and dedicated options with an unlimited customer portal site license.

Get Mobile

Mobile clients for Android and iOS, allowing your analysts the freedom to move while keeping up to date.

KCS Knowledge Management

Intelligent Knowledge base supports both your end customers and analysts by directing them to relevant information. This prevents the need to log calls for customers and means faster resolution provision for analysts.



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Liverpool City Council


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08 Nov 2023

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