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A day in the life of a vFire consultant

Matt Lawrence • 21 Mar 2018

Matthew Lawrence, vFire Consultant

He’s the one at the office well before the early bird even starts thinking about catching a worm. Some say he never sleeps. Some say his superpower is making vFire problems magically disappear. All we know is, breakfast orders go to him on a Friday.

Here’s a look into an average day in the life of rock star vFire Consultant Matt Lawrence.

5:00 AM – Out of bed, walk the dog, check the news/apps/social media.

Wake Up!

6:00 AM – In the car to work, avoiding the traffic by leaving early. Woo hoo!


6:30 AM – In the office, unlock/lights on, checking emails for urgent work and ongoing issues.

3502 Unread Emails

7:30 AM – Tea and toast time – a much needed early boost.


8:30 AM – The time normal people and customers start to arrive in the office. Farewell, loneliness!

Goodbye loneliness

10:00 AM – Regular call updates with customers, generally turning into conversations about our families and life goals.

Customer Calls

11:30 AM – Lunch time, destressing with a game or two and the inevitable browse of YouTube and Wikipedia.


12:30 PM – Check for new issues, calls with customers, maybe giving remote training.

I'm a little Busy

3:00 PM – Final email check. Home time!

Nailed it!

4:00 PM – 5 minute break before I’m wrestled to the floor by a dog and a toddler.

Welcome home