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Alemba to end support for IE as of Alemba Service Manager v10.4

• 19 Aug 2020

With the release of Alemba Service Manager in 2018, we expanded the capability of the tool to break the constraints of plug-ins and the reliance on Internet Explorer. The available interfaces of Core, Nano and Portal were available to use in modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. New features, enhanced security measures and improved performance techniques necessitated the removal of Internet Explorer support for Core and Nano as they were incompatible.

Until now, the self-service portal has continued to be available using Internet Explorer. However, similar reasons, including Microsoft’s recent release of IE mode in Edge for legacy apps and their App Assure programme, has driven us to focus on modern browsers as it makes the transition to Edge available to the corporate environment. Therefore, the self-service portal will also not be supported using Internet Explorer from version 10.4 onwards.

Alemba continually reviews the market leading tools available to provide the fastest, most secure and compatible experience possible.

For more information about this change, please contact your account manager.