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Cloud solutions now powered by Rackspace

Alemba • 13 Feb 2020

Rackspace are helping Alemba build a world-class SaaS solution.

Talk to any of Alemba's cloud customers and they'll tell you just how powerful, scalable and painless cloud-hosted services can be. As more and more customers want to enjoy that same flexibility and power, it's essential to provide the same kind of fast, knowledgable support customers expect from Alemba's on-premise solutions.

To meet that challenge, Alemba has partnered with leading global cloud experts, Rackspace.

By using Rackspace's Service Blocks for AWS (Amazon Web Services), Alemba are able to design a customized environment able to support both SMB and enterprise customers. This single platform allows Alemba to offer complete cloud solutions far faster than before, offering even better value for money.

This all comes with the added stability and peace-of-mind that comes being managed by a company as established and knowledgable as Rackspace.

As the partnership with Rackspace grows, even more exciting possibilities will present themselves from which all Alemba's cloud customers present and future will benefit.

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