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Alemba embraces ‘remote delivery first’ approach

• 17 Jul 2020

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the ways in which we do business and has highlighted the many benefits of remote working. During the lockdown period, Alemba has successfully managed the implementation of projects through remote-working technologies.

Considering the resounding success of these remotely run projects, Alemba has made the decision to implement a ‘remote delivery first’ approach to project implementations. This will apply to all future engagements beyond the lockdown period.

This approach will see us drastically reduce the frequency of on-site engagements and limiting travel wherever possible for the well-being of Alemba staff, our customers and the environment. Travel will only occur in exceptional circumstances.

We’ve had numerous reports from customers on their positive experience dealing with us remotely, with many expressing their preference for remote engagements above on-site visits.

The decision to prioritise remote project delivery wherever possible will not only allow us to save costs and reduce our environmental footprint, but will also help ensure better work-life balance for Alemba staff, allowing them more time with loved ones rather than navigating traffic or public transport.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new "green" case study coming very soon.