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Alemba Statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Alemba • 20 Mar 2020

In these difficult times, Alemba will be ensuring its ability to support our customers, giving priority to those in Healthcare and Local Government and the organisations that support them.

Alemba has a strong business continuity structure in place with no dependency on any single person or location.

  • Customer contact functions such as service desks are distributed around the globe, giving resilience and coverage as required.
  • All staff operate remotely from each other and have done so since October 2019.
  • Alemba’s staff are distributed across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand locations, ensuring an ability to operate in all conceivable situations.
  • Management are similarly dispersed, mainly around England, Scotland and Jersey but also in the US and Australia.
  • Additionally, all business operational functions, including Finance, HR, Internal IT and CRM are fully implemented in cloud-based operations across the globe.

Alemba is well positioned to continue business operations where needed:

  • Remote system support is in place for customers using a variety of remote-control tools.
  • Customer account management can be conducted via video conferencing.
  • Remote product demonstrations can be conducted as needed.


Alemba is complying with the current travel restrictions imposed by the UK Government and as such does not permit business travel except in extremely unusual emergency circumstances.

Personal travel – we strongly advise all our team members to restrict their contact with people to the absolute essentials of grocery and medical provisioning.

Additional measures

Alemba stands ready to support our customers in Local Government, Emergency Services and the organisations that support them if they need additional remote support and help.

Alemba will provide free additional Alemba Service Manager licenses to all our NHS and Healthcare customers during the Coronavirus crisis.

Additional licenses will enable technical support staff in the Healthcare sector to work more efficiently from home and help maintain vital IT infrastructure while their colleagues take the fight against the virus to the frontlines.

(If you are an Alemba customer working in the Healthcare sector, please get in touch through your account manager or [email protected] to arrange for the necessary license uplifts.)

This crisis is affecting us all on a global scale and it is vital that we offer support where we can. Alemba will continue to explore other opportunities to offer assistance as the situation unfolds.