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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Alemba Service Manager v10

You’ll have seen us raving about the latest and greatest features available in Alemba Service Manager v10, but you don’t feel quite ready to commit to an upgrade.

You may be perfectly happy using vFire v9, and we agree it’s pretty great (we made it, after all).

Here’s the thing… You’re missing out on some genuinely ground-breaking features that could transform the way your service desk operates.

We firmly believe that Alemba Service Manager v10 places Alemba in a position to challenge industry-leading tools in the market. We’ve designed our new release to not only provide you with the best user experience possible, but also drastically enhance your service delivery and keep total cost of ownership down.

Still on the fence?

Here are 5 reasons you should upgrade to Alemba Service Manager v10.

1. Completely browser and platform agnostic.

Alemba Service Manager v10 now delivers 100% of its features on a HTML platform, allowing users to access the tool from any modern web browser.

Bye bye, ActiveX.

Bye Felicia

2. Gorgeous new UI design

Talk about a serious glow up! Alemba Service Manager Core has been updated with a fully re-designed user interface.

Just take a look at this before and after…

vFire vs. Alemba Service Manager Princess Reveal

3. Advanced reporting capabilities

ASM 10 features new Dashboard and Reporting functionality powered by SyncFusion, allowing you to build interactive, real-time BI dashboards and powerful reports. Find out more here.

4. Babel Fish Mode

Alemba Service Manager now supports full translation of the self-service portal into any language!

The new multi-lingual feature is perfect for global service desk teams who need to support customers in multiple languages. Find out more here.

Do you even know how smart I am in Spanish?

5. All of these new features…and then some!

  • Change Risk Calculators
  • Change Collision Detection
  • Quick Forms to define standardised activities
  • Call activities for ad-hoc activities against IPK records
  • Enhanced Password Security Management
  • Enhanced session security
  • Integration - SNOW Connector
  • Integration - Azure CMDB Connector
  • Integration – PowerBI
  • ASM Self Service – Google-esque global search
  • ASM Self Service - Promoted Catalog items on home page
  • ASM Self Service – Top FAQs
  • ASM Self Service – Close and Reopen calls
  • Nano – Matching Panel capabilities
  • New ASM Mobile

Plus! Watch out for the new ASM 10 Self Service Portal. Coming soon...

Convinced? Speak to your Account Manager about upgrading to Alemba Service Manager v10.

Shut up and take my money!