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Jim’s Big ITSM Roadtrip

Jim Weaver • 30 Jul 2018

Day one photos

Day One

Fly from Cincinnati to Houston to Auckland to Wellington

A very long series of flights. I reviewed my presentation and read the electronic version of the ITIL manuals to prepare for my travels. Who am I kidding? I watched Goodbye Christopher Robin and every episode of Friends and The Big Bang Theory available on the plane.

Day Two

Still flying

Wait…I’m still in the air? Everyone around me is asleep. I’m counting incident tickets in my head, but no sleep comes. I review my presentation and zzz...

Day two photos
Day three photos

Day Three

In Wellington, finally!

Finally on the ground! First thing I want to test in a new country – the hotel pillows. After putting them through a valid test, I set off in search of caffeine and adventure. Rumor has it a whale is in the harbor. I see a shadow in the water. Could be a whale….could be Nessie on a vacation. But the sweet aroma of caffeine pulls me away. Mojo – where have you been all my life?

Day Four

Checking in with the Alemba gang

I found the venue for the presentation and met with my fellow Alemba associates. So many accents in one small group of individuals. The discussion itself was an adventure!

Met with the Ministry of Education and compared ITIL adventures. They are on an exciting journey!

Day four photos
Day five photos

Day Five

My presentation at ITx 2018

Presentation time. I stand in front of a crowd and begin my talk. But my mind keeps going back to the doughnut wall that was outside the room – will there be any left? Should I hurry my presentation? I decide to push on.

Several questions are asked at the end of my presentation. The questions were all on topic, so I know the crowd was listening. My 29 years of experience with Kroger boiled down into 25 minutes. But it was all worth it if there were any doughnuts left.

Day Six

Off to Christchurch: Seeing clients, seeing sights

Off to visit customers in Christchurch. For a city that was devastated by an earthquake in 2011, it is absolutely beautiful! The city is alive and very vibrant.

The customers we met with (Christchurch City Council and ANZ Co) are well on their Enterprise Service Management journeys. It was a pleasure to be able to talk with fellow ITIL adventurers and compare stories.

Day six photos
Day seven photos

Day Seven

Off to Sydney!

Spent the morning visiting with ITIL adventurers from Victoria University and Housing New Zealand. What great stories they have! They are well on their way to Enterprise SUCCESS Management.

In late afternoon I boarded yet another plan to head to Sydney. What adventures await me there?

Day Eight

Taking in the culture. And kangaroo pizza.

Adventurers need sturdy shoes. If I had a fit bit I would have had my 10,000 steps in by lunchtime. I spent the morning enjoying the beauty of the Harbour Bay, the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens. In the afternoon I went through the NSW Art Museum (what a beautiful collection!).

By late afternoon I was hungry – and looking for local cuisine. Kangaroo Pizza (Macropus delicioso) was an excellent choice, washed down with local sparkling water.

I spent the evening with locals and other tourists at the Waterloo Hillsong Campus listening to excellent teaching and worship. I suddenly felt the world wasn’t so big after all.

Day eight photos
Day nine photos

Day Nine

China Town and more

Looking for a different adventure, I set off to China Town. I spent most of the day reviewing the wide selection of retailers at Market City and looking for the best bubble tea.

Day Ten

The Office

Spent the day meeting fellow Alemba adventurers in the local office. We compared adventure stories and shared Japanese food. Other than a sad kitten or two (every office needs mascots), everyone seemed excited about the adventure they were on.

Day ten photos
Day eleven photos

Day Eleven

Off to Canberra

Off to Canberra today to meet with adventurers from Attorney General’s Office and Australian Electoral Commission. We discussed ideas for Enterprise Service Management and where they could take their adventures. They both have exciting journeys in their near future.

Day Twelve

And now to Brisbane

Flew to Brisbane today to meet with PSBA. This was the true definition of a whirlwind visit. The plane was delayed so we arrived in the lovely city of Brisbane just in time to share a cab to the office. The cab had barely stopped in front of the building and I had my laptop open and had started my presentation. Fortunately we were able to continue our ITIL adventure discussions at the establishment next door over Coke Zero and other libations. What a great group of adventurers!

Day twelve photos
Day thirteen photos

Day Thirteen

And now Sydney to Auckland to Houston to Cincinnati

And so begins the long journey home. A successful presentation and several discussions with fellow adventurers made this a very good trip. I can truly relax on this loooooong series of flights headed home. I’m just happy to not be in a middle seat!

Day Fourteen

Back home! What time zone am I in?!

Not really sure what day it is or what time it is – but it is good to come home. Family greets me with warm affection (“What, you were gone?”) and I feel at home. Now if I can just unscramble my brain and figure out what time zone I’m in, I can prepare my next adventure. Does Antarctica need Enterprise Service Management? Of course they do, who doesn’t? Where did I put my parka?

Day fourteen photos