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Alemba Service Manager Eos 10.5

Release notes

New Features

X Improved Install Process

The install process has been redesigned to support unattended installation using remote PowerShell. The entire installation process is now automated, from downloading the necessary files to installing prerequisites and applying database changes.

We have also found that application server configuration is frequently changed after ASM is installed and that these configuration changes are frequently undocumented. The new install process is designed to follow Fail-Fast principals, so you can detect undocumented configuration changes much sooner – while the person who made those changes still remembers why.

The changes to the installation process also affect the way that the Windows Services are installed. During the upgrade, you must provide a list of Active Services. Only the listed services will be enabled, and these services will be set to start automatically. These services will start immediately.

Therefore, if you are installing EOS on a test environment, please consider excluding the Messaging and Connector services at this stage.

X Revised Folder Structure

Alemba Systems are now created in the following locations: C:\alemba\Service Manager\web\systems

Other executables are now installed to: C:\alemba\Service Manager\services

X Updated Analysts Preferences, Toolbar, and Navigation

We have replaced the navigation menu in Core and Nano to improve usability:

Alemba Service Manager Navigation Menu Closeup

Added the ability to pin tabs in Core and Nano. Tabs reflect the Saved Search Name:

Alemba Service Manager Pinned Tab Closeup

Analysts now have an avatar and avatar menu.

Alemba Service Manager User Avatar Closeup

The toolbar was also replaced with a clean, modern style and is configurable from the Navigation Menu preferences.

As part of this change you can now only have 1 Outstanding View pinned for each entity.

Alemba Service Manager New Styling

X Alemba API Reporting Views

SQL views can now be defined and accessed through the Alemba API. This simplifies some API based reporting and allows for either custom extension fields to be added to existing entities or for custom aggregation views.

X Improved Call Forward Performance

The ASM Core Call Forward Internal screen has been redesigned to improve performance.

Call Forward Screen Closeup

X Improved Image Performance

Large images added to the Description (or other Text Area fields) no longer cause performance problems with loading the screens.

X Improved Matching Panel Performance

Previously the matching panel could cause the system to become unresponsive where very large datasets were being accessed. The Matching Panel also does not now trigger automatically against text entered in the Call Description.

X IPK Populate Workflow

Added an option to IPK Workflow Rules which allow for the values of fields to be set when a workflow rule is triggered.

X Printable Report

A printable report is now accessible from most entities in ASM. This report can be edited in the usual way using the screen designer and can be configured for each screen set where applicable.

X Azure Alemba ITSM Connector

A new service has been added which supports integration using the Alemba ITSM Azure connector. Information regarding the Alemba ITSM Azure Connector can be found here.

Alemba Azure Connector Icon

The Alemba ITSM Connector can allow rapid development of Azure Logic Applications, Power Automate Flows and Power Apps by providing a wrapper to the Alemba API so that it can be used in Azure’s drag and drop development environment.

X Restrict Global Searching by Organization

When enabled for an Analyst, search results for Calls, Tasks, Requests, CMDB and Organizations will be limited to the selected Organizations linked to that Analyst’s profile. This effectively grants an Analyst global search capability whilst restricting results to only that which he or she has been granted access.

X Send email from Analyst’s Default Group Email ID

When Analysts send an email from ASM, the system will set the senders email address to the analysts default IPK or Workflow group email address as appropriate when the "Send Emails from this Group" checkbox is selected, and the group has an email address.

Email Server Details Checkbox Closeup

IPK Groups Email Checkbox

X Added ‘Equal or below” for tiered lookup types

We have added an addition to the Alemba API to support searching for knowledge by profile, Asset by Portal Display Category, Call by Type, Request by Profile and Request by Type. e.g.:


X Allow person template update via Alemba API

You can now set the template of an existing person via the API. When the template is changed in this way, groups, partition links and security profiles of the person will be replaced with those from the template user.

X Enhanced Security

We have added several security enhancements to ASM:

  • HSTS is now enabled by default. This requires open ports for http and https and ensures that all requests from web browsers are redirected to https
  • X-Frame-Options is configured to prevent Click Jacking
  • Cache-Control headers are now set explicitly to prevent unintended caching by proxy servers
  • ASP.Net response headers are no longer added

Other Information

X Downloads

Log in to the Alemba Service Desk Portal to download the release documentation or request an upgrade.