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Alemba Service Manager Hermes 10.6

Release notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Alemba Service Manager HERMES v10.6 for General Availability.

The Hermes release introduces a range of exciting new features, accessibility updates and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in HERMES v10.6:

Features added in Hermes 10.6.8

Major New Features:

  1. Add Me Improvements – The ability to add multiple IPK Statuses to be displayed in the SSP Widgets and allow for Notes and KB Articles to be automatically copied to the linked child calls.
  2. End User Chase and Analyst Escalations – Ability for an End User to chase calls and requests from the portal, automatically escalate the call based on set criteria or for an Analyst to also manually escalate calls and requests.
  3. On Demand User Surveys = Ability for Analysts to select Calls and Requests and to manually send a User Survey, to be able to review which surveys have been completed and to allow End Users to see Surveys and complete them via the SSP.

Smaller Changes:

  1. Enable Pre Creates for Workflow Templates added via Registry Key.
  2. Nano Improvements: Group Searches, Conversation History
  3. Webhook Improvements: All Task Types Supported, Inline Images in HTML, Support Attachments, include all attachments
  4. CSV Linking Connector
  5. Configure Workflow Polling via Registry Key
  6. Improved Quick Solutions configuration
  7. Persistent Column Filters on Saved Searches

New Features

X MS Windows Server 2022

Alemba Service Manager HERMES is now tested and fully supported on MS Windows Server 2022, this is now our preferred Application Server Operating System.

X Introducing Alembot - Alemba Service Manager’s new chatbot feature

Alembot is an out-of-the-box virtual analyst that will empower customer self-service by responding to routine questions faster while meeting expectations.

The Chatbot enables self-service logging and resolution directly via the online portal. Customers can get solutions and resolve common issues fast without having to use legacy customer service channels.


Learn more about the Chatbot:

X Connector Builder

You can now build a custom connector in ASM that will allow you to communicate with external applications to discover resources on those applications.

Once detected, those resources can be imported into ASM as Federated CMDB records or linked to the existing CMDB records


Learn more about the Connector Builder:

Please note: Connectors will incur operational costs, so please refer to your Account Manager for details.

X Multi-language Administration

The interface for multi-language administration has been completely overhauled to create an easier experience for adding multi-language support to the Self Service Portal.

Alemba supports full translation of the Self-Service Portal into any language and qualitative multilingual communication by dynamic translation of content for incoming/outgoing Emails.

Watch the below videos to find out more about Multi-language Administration:

X Conversation History in Self-Service Portal

The Conversation History widget in the Self Service Portal allows a clearer display of the interaction between the User and Support Analysts.


Watch a demo of the conversation history

X Clone Calls from Self-Service Portal

End Users can now Clone their Calls in the Self Service Portal rather than reopen an existing Closed Call.

Want to find out more? Watch a video here.

X IPK and Workflow Group Screens

IPK and Workflow Groups in ASM now have their own associated Screens and support extension fields.

Want to find out more? Watch a video here.

Other Improvements

X Further Updates

We’ve also added useful updates such as:

  • Portal Styling Improvements
  • Downtime displayed in hours/minutes
  • And more!

Visit the Alemba support portal for further information and documentation.