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Alemba Service Manager 10.0

Release notes

New Features

X Product rebranding

Alemba® has changed the look and feel of the vFire Core product. vFire is now Alemba Service Manager™. The logo is different:

Alemba service Manager Logo

X Changing from an MS Internet Explorer and Active X controls dependent product to a browser-independent product

Alemba Service Manager™ now runs in Chrome without the need for browser plugins. You can use the in-built browser functionality to perform searches (using CTRL-F) as well as configure your browser settings and so on. For the most part, you will continue to use ASM in the same way as vFire, using the same core principals.

While every effort has been taken to match existing vFire functionality in ASM, this is not always possible across browsers. The following features have been updated to suit the new technology:

  • Search fields. Formally known as Q/D fields, search fields enable you to search for items. For more information, see page 8.
  • Working with browse tables. Some functionality has changed slightly when you work with browse tables, including:
    • How you filter columns
    • The available options in the right-click menu. There is no longer an Open in Excel option. Instead, select Export, then select Excel. The file is downloaded to your Downloads folder.
  • Quick launch. This feature launches URLs only.
  • The HTML editor. This feature has changed slightly. For more information, see page 11 of the full release notes.
  • Date/Time field. This field is slightly different. Either type a new date or select the calendar icon to display a calendar and select a date. You can also type a time, or select the clock icon to select a time.
  • Dictionary. We now use a global dictionary, which enables you to define common words specific to your business.
  • Nano Search Field Settings. Renamed to Analyst Search Field Settings. Both ASM Core and Nano use these settings. You now configure them in the System Administration System group.
  • Service Portal Search Field Settings. Renamed to User Search Field Settings. You now configure them in the System Administration System group.
  • The vFire Officer & Portal app. This feature is no longer available for new customers using version 10.

X User Interface Styling in ASM

As part of the ASM rebranding, we are continuing to enhance the user interface in ASM Core.

The styling changes will affect screen and icon displays across ASM Core. Some screenshots in the documentation may differ from the product as a result, although the functionality remains the same.

X Documentation changes

Documentation changes are ongoing. A local help is no longer provided. Instead, context-sensitive help links will initiate a search in the online help, based on the subject matter of the screen.

The Online Help has changed for version 10, along with the following manuals:

  • Prerequisites and Installation Guide
  • Server Console Guide
  • Rapid Start Guide