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Alemba Service Manager 10.1

Release notes

New Features

X Dashboards

We have introduced a new dashboard platform.

  • Installation You install dashboards separately from Alemba Service Manager™. For more information about dashboard prerequisites and installation, see the ASM v10.1 Prerequisites and Installation Guide.
  • Configuration The dashboard platform consists of a Dashboard Server, User Management Server and separate dashboard database. You must configure each of these and ASM in order to work with dashboards. For more information, see the ASM v10.1 Prerequisites and Installation Guide.
  • Using dashboards in Alemba Service Manager™ You can create dashboards using a web designer or desktop application (Alemba Dashboard Designer). After you have created them, you can configure the dashboard menus for ASM Core, Nano and Self Service Portal.

X Close and Reopen Calls

Users in the Self Service Portal can close and reopen their own calls. Administrators define parameters for the Close and Reopen actions and enable these permission in Users' Self Service Portal Roles.

X Knowledge Import

Grow your Knowledge Base and improve your content by importing documents as knowledge articles. The knowledge articles retain formatting from the document, and can be found by a text search as normal. You can import MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF documents

X Search Fields

We have enhanced Search Fields in Self Service Portal to be more intuitive by displaying a text prompt and scroll bar. The search button, which opens Advanced Search, is now hidden until text is entered in the field.

X Password Policy

Alemba Service Manager has a new password policy. From v10.1, new and changing passwords require a minimum length of six characters.

X EWS Support

Exchange Web Services (EWS) is now supported for Incoming and Outgoing email.

X TLS 1.2

We support TLS 1.2 for emails and connectors.

X Preview Features

Preview Features is a new section in System Administration providing early access to upcoming new features.

ASM v10.1 provides early access to:

  • Multi-language The Self Service Portal supports multiple languages. Users can select their preferred language at any time in the Self Service Portal, as long as the Administrator has installed the relevant language packs.
  • Global Search We have added a global search bar to the Self Service Portal, enabling Users find what they need more quickly and easily. The global search bar searches across Knowledge, the Service Request Catalog, calls, and requests.
  • Call Activities Create activity items for calls, much like an activity checklist. Analysts can close activity items as they complete them, which ensures the correct process is followed, and enables tracking of call progress. Administrators can create and reuse lists across multiple calls and call templates. For more information see page 30.
  • Quick Forms Administrators can create lists of questions that appear on Call Details in ASM Core, helping Analysts to ask the right questions and capture all pertinent information. Quick Forms are linked to Types Tiers and appear in the Calls with the selected Type.
  • Nano Matching Panel Analysts in Nano can view Calls or Knowledge Articles related to the call they're working on based on a matching Type Tier, Service, or Configuration Item.

X Connectors

New and improved connectors are available.

  • Email Event Connector The Email Event Connector can now attach a received email and its attachments to the corresponding call or request in ASM. It also now has a Matching tab allowing events to be matched to existing calls or requests.
  • MS Azure Connector The Microsoft Azure Connector connects ASM to Azure Resource Manager, enabling you to import configuration items into your ASM System on a regular basis. This is a new feature.
  • MS Azure DevOps Connector The Microsoft Azure DevOps Connector connects ASM to Azure DevOps, providing the ability for Calls in ASM to create and update work items in DevOps, and DevOps work items to create and update Calls in ASM. This is a bi-directional connector that enables teams in both systems to track progress.
  • Snow Connector The Snow Connector connects ASM to Snow License Manager, enabling you to expose live network resources and their relationships to your IT service management workflows.

X General enhancements

  • We have improved the speed and reliability of installation and upgrade processes.
  • We have improved stability of the polling Services.
  • We have improved performance and scalability of Extension Data storage.
  • We have added tooltips to Text fields in browse tables (Search and Outstanding screens) so you can hover over the field to see all the text.
  • The Job Title field has increased in length to 60 characters. Your information will be truncated if it exceeds 60 characters.
  • The Update Contact Details screen for Self Service Portal is now configurable in Designer. The screen must be restored to default before it is used. Open Designer and select Person from the explorer pane on the left. The Update Contact Details screen is shown in the table. Open the screen and press Restore Default. The screen is now ready to be configured.
  • CTI MMA URLs. Open the CTI interface for the caller using MMA URLs in this format: