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Babel Fish mode and so much more… Announcing Alemba Service Manager 10.1.20

• 05 Mar 2020

Here at Alemba, we’re always proud of our latest releases. It takes a lot of hard graft (and an inordinate amount of caffeine) to make sure that our updates are packed with the kind of enhancements that really make a difference to our users.

We’re not ones to brag… Wait, who are we kidding? We’re going to brag. Because this time around, we really outdid ourselves.

Alemba Service Manager 10.1.20 is here and it is a thing of beauty. Here’s what’s new:

23 awesome new features

Multi Language Login Screen

Babel Fish mode enabled – multi-language 2.0

Full translation of the portal is now supported, including text input in the user’s native language, translation of search results and translation of incoming and outgoing email.

Find out more here.

Risk calculator

  • Custom lists added to the Core Request screen now have a Score column
  • Request Risks have a “From” and “To” value
  • When a Request is updated via Core, the Risk Calculator will select a Request Risk based on the total score of all custom list values

Portal search fields can now be set to display as a dropdown

  • The dropdown will load the first page of search results (page size is configurable via the Search Field config screen)
  • When in dropdown mode and when translation is enabled, names are translated on demand to the users chosen language

Added a setting to enable the advanced search in portal search fields

  • The advanced search (the spy glass) will always be displayed in portal search fields when this setting is enabled.
  • This setting is in the portal preview features section.

Show all tickets for my organization in Core searches

  • When searching for tickets the analyst can see tickets for their organization regardless of which partition the ticket is in.
  • Controlled by a Security Role settings.


  • Action approvals in portal delegation is now hidden
  • Call suspend default date
  • Auto unsuspend calls and start SLA clock on action
  • Search text in attachments
  • Add attachment without action
  • Request risk assessment derivation
  • Propagate emails and attachments to child calls
  • Assign call back to forwarding group
  • Search fields for call, request and knowledge
  • Self-service portal request search enhancement
  • Store local password for AD integrated accounts
  • Improvements to caching in Core, Portal and Nano
  • Option to link bulletins to organizations using stakeholder links.
  • Outbound actions for Azure DevOps connector
  • Blackberry UEM CMDB connector (alpha)
  • Self-service portal call summary screen is now designable
  • Option to hide the bulletin widget if there is no news
  • Option to hide the Major Incidents widget if there are no incidents

And! 25 resolved issues.

For more information about the latest Alemba Service Manager 10.1.20, download the release notes.