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Implementing an HR System into an ITSM Tool

Cardiff University • Education • UK

Founded in 1883 Cardiff University boasts 6000 staff members and 28 000 students across two main campuses, three colleges and 27 schools.

Cardiff University and Alemba: The Partnership

“[The] project went very well – quick software configuration against a straightforward specification documentation... Alemba were able to provide careful guidance in both technical and non-technical speak, to various stakeholders.”

Rob Wyn Jones, Cardiff University

Cardiff University procured Infra v8 through an EU tender process in December 2007, and presently owns 70 concurrent and 60 named licenses. The university has held a maintenance contract with Alemba since December 2010.

The Challenge

Recognizing the absence of a central recording mechanism for calls to the Human Resources Department, Cardiff University approached Alemba to implement a new HR Service Desk with a single point of contact for multiple HR teams. The aim of this service is to support HR processes such as Payroll and the eRecruitment System, as well as the university’s £2M CardiffPeople initiative. Customers of this service include 6000 Cardiff University staff members, 3000 casual workers, and all existing and prospective job applicants.


From the outset of this project, it was clear that utilizing Cardiff University’s existing IT VMware Service Manager (VSM) system in the implementation of the new HR system would be advantageous in many ways, resulting, for example, in the reduction of initial software-, administrative training-, and implementation costs. With these benefits in mind, the project approach was founded on partitioning the client’s existing VSM system, and creating two new partitions for HR and Payroll, which were to be configured in testing. This approach included performing test cycles to identify and eliminate issues with data migration and functional performance, ultimately utilizing VSM Configuration Portability to perform migrations.

Technical Delivery

Alemba made use of VPN to attain remote access to the Cardiff University systems in order to assist in the process of technical delivery. Once testing was completed, the major configuration changes, such as Integration Mapping, Officer Templates, Services, CIs, and SLAs, were migrated from the Development environment to Production using the VSM v9 Configuration Portability tool.


Since the implementation of Cardiff University’s new HR Service Desk, the number of calls logged to HR per month has increased exponentially. A total of 2487 and 24840 calls logged to Payroll and HR, respectively, are estimated for the first year of implementation. Based on the success of this project, future joint initiatives between Alemba and Cardiff University are planned.

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Cardiff University


Founded in 1883 Cardiff University boasts 6000 staff members and 28 000 students across two main campuses, three colleges and 27 schools.



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